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Fill out the short form below and you will contacted within 48 hours about whether you qualify to be considered for IHS assignment options.  Wait- I have more questions!


IHS Pharmacist/Contractor
VA Pharmacist/Contractor
IHS Rotation
IHS Residency
Other Ambulatory Care Experience

* Required

Q:  Why fill this out?
A:   IHS assignments are available exclusively for pharmacists who qualify.  They are not advertised.  If you qualify, you’ll receive access to IHS assignments to choose from.  You decide when you want to work!

Q:  Why consider working with IHS through RPh Temp Service?
*Note:  RPh Temp Service is the temp division of Pharmacist Job Connection.
A:  We specialize in IHS and are known in the IHS for having the best pharmacists.  Because of our reputation, we can give you access to the best assignments that other agencies don’t have access to.  You will be able to choose from federal and tribal assignment options throughout the country, including Alaska, Arizona, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, etc.

Our president, Chen Yen, PharmD is a pharmacist who has worked as a contract pharmacist for the IHS for over 13 years.  You will benefit from the relationships with IHS/tribal facilities we have developed over the years.  Even if you have looked into working with another agency, don’t miss out on the opportunity to choose from assignments that only we can give you access to.

We understand what it’s like to be in your shoes–we do everything we can to help make your assignment enjoyable.

Q:  What should I expect after filling this out?
A:  We will contact you within 48 hrs (business days) about  whether you qualify to be considered further.   That way you have closure about your next step.  Have any questions?  Call us at (206)219-3630 and we’re happy to answer them.

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