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When your IHS/tribal pharmacy is short staffed & needs relief pharmacist coverage,

  • Are you not sure who to turn to for your needs to be taken care of quickly?
  • Are you tired of not knowing what kind of pharmacists to expect from a temp agency?
  • Is it costing you lots of time & management when agencies send you relief pharmacists who either don’t have IHS experience, don’t get along with your patients/staff, make lots of errors, or try to do the minimum work possible?
  • Choose from IHS-experienced pharmacists at RPh Temp Service, temp division of Pharmacist Job Connection

When you have a vacancy for a full-time pharmacist hire,

  • Is it costing you by not having a pharmacist to serve you regularly?
  • Are your patients experiencing inconsistent patient care, due to lack of continuity in your pharmacy staff?
  • If you are using a search firm currently, are you tired of firms sending you unqualified pharmacists (or no candidates) and wasting your time?

You’ve come to the right place.

RPh Temp Service, our temp division, can help you with IHS-experienced relief coverage.
Pharmacist Job Connection
will help you find the right qualified pharmacist for your full-time needs.

Choose from IHS-experienced pharmacists, both temp or direct hire. We service IHS federal & tribal facilities. Our CEO comes from over 11 years of experience as a pharmacist in the IHS setting and understands needs unique to IHS. Many federal & tribal facilities have switched to use us because the pharmacists we send our consistently top-notch. Pharmacists accepted by other temp agencies don’t always pass our rigorous screening process.

Temp Pharmacist Coverage Overview

The relief pharmacists we send are carefully screened, including with oral clinical questions, so your patients have access to the best pharmacy care. Choose from pharmacists who have IHS experience. We don’t just send you a warm body. We are here for you 24/7 and are committed to exceed your expectations. Recently, one of our IHS contract pharmacists won an IHS service award while working through us; this is unprecedented, as far as receipt of such an award by a contract pharmacist.

We send you relief pharmacists who can jump in on day 1 to help with very little supervision, and require little management. Why struggle and take time to find temp coverage for your unexpected needs on your own? We have experienced pharmacists ready to go.

The Right Full-Time Pharmacist Hire

Another option for you is a full-time direct hire pharmacist for your vacancy.

We have access to pharmacists you wouldn’t come across through traditional methods of recruiting. Because of our specialization in pharmacist recruiting, we are well-networked & talk to passive candidates who are not actively looking for jobs. We also connect with pharmacists through warm & cold calling on a regular basis to network with them.

The direct hire search is FREE of charge to get started—you pay us solely based on results. It doesn’t cost you anything to see qualified candidates. We do the networking & screening and you pay no upfront fees. This is a service you can use in conjunction with other recruiting efforts, so you have access to top talent. It is rare to find a search firm run by a pharmacist with over 9 years of pharmacy practice experience who has excelled in the practice of pharmacy and passive recruiting.

What Pharmacy Directors Tell Us

Pharmacy directors tell us that our services have lessened their time required to train a pharmacist, management headaches, and reduced the possibility of medication errors. This has helped free up their time to do the important things rather than be involved with managing or staffing.

Check out testimonials from IHS/Tribal pharmacies that have used our services for your review. The pharmacy pays us only if we provide excellent candidates whom your pharmacy chooses to have work there. It is 100% risk-free to you.

Testimonials from IHS/Tribal Pharmacy Directors

“I’ve known Chen Yen for 6 yrs. The services your company provides have been superior in all respects. You have provided us with far more qualified candidates than other agencies.” B.S. (previous assistant chief pharmacist, currently retired, Commissioned Corps captain, IHS)

“I don’t know what you do in your screening process, but all the pharmacists you send are top-notch. The pharmacists at RPh Temp Service whom I have had contact with were adaptive to the pharmacy, professionally astute, and had excellent attitudes and work ethics.” K.L. (former IHS pharmacy director; has worked with our pharmacist contractors)

“Thanks for your hard work and efforts on assisting our clinic pharmacists in establishing a lipid clinic at our facility. The guidelines will provide an important step in evaluating and improving the quality of care to the patients we serve. Even as a contractor, your commitment to the patients at our clinic has been noticeable and important as we progress as a pharmacy department and organization. Again, thank you for your help with the SOP and algorithm.” C.C. (IHS pharmacy director/quality management director, commenting on a pharmacist who temps with our company)

“I have had personal experience with the pharmacists at RPh Temp Service for over 3 years. Each and every pharmacist has been exceptional. They show up when expected, stay on task all day long, have excellent patient counseling skills, present a very professional look, and are friendly and well-liked by the rest of the staff.” R.R., previous pharmacy manager of an IHS primary care pharmacy

“Our pharmacy has contracted with RPh Temp Service, Inc. for the last 17 months. The pharmacists working for us through this service have been knowledgeable, dependable, and a great supplemental service to our staff. Chen Yen, the company president, is very diligent to meet our requirements in a timely manner. I am very pleased with the service of this company and will continue to utilize their services as long as I have a need. J.S., pharmacy director

“ KJ was a diligent, hard-working, well liked temp pharmacist from RPh Temp Service recently [contracted] at our facility. He was willing to go above and beyond on a regular basis. He was also a fast-learner, which is a critical skill many temp pharmacists we have used in the past don’t have.”-D.N. (tribal pharmacy director)

I have known pharmacists at RPh Temp Service for 6+ years now. They have shown tremendous energy and commitment for their work. The pharmacists were a joy to have here. They are a breath of fresh air as well as flexibility and dedication. One who is here now has a great work ethic and works so well with others that when she comes here she fits in so well that you would believe she has always been here. We have actually requested RPh Temp Service’s pharmacists to work for us when possible. They are all wonderful to work with.” N.E. (assistant chief pharmacist)

“Working with xxxx is always a professionally rewarding experience. Her ability, hard work, patient counseling skills, and personal skills are exceptional. I highly recommend her.” F.D.(retired Comissioned Corps captain, previous IHS pharmacy director) (comments about a pharmacist who temps with our company)

Pharmacist Job Connection
& RPh Temp Service, Inc. (temp division)

System (DUNS) Number: 167199806
Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Cage Code: 43L72

Tell us what you’re looking for as far as dates for temp coverage needed, or your expected direct hire full-time needs.

Also share with us what’s important to you in the pharmacist you are looking for.

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