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Obstacle #1:  Check back for Obstacle #1!
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Obstacle #2:  Hiring Managers Involved are Not on the Same Page about the Job Description.  A perfect example of a real case scenario was when a pharmacist I spoke to recently said that he applied to an ambulatory care position in Seattle with a reputable company and was under the impression that it was clinical.  The HR person assured him that it was clinical.  He was excited, got invited for an interview, only to discover during the interview with the pharmacy director that the position was a staff position with no clinical duties.  The pharmacist was disappointed, the pharmacy director did not get the type of candidate he wanted, and everyone’s time was wasted.   It was not necessarily the HR person’s fault–open communication between all hiring managers involved and confirmation of understanding could have averted the problem.

Solution #2:  Have all hiring managers in the process review and sign off on the job description.  Include as many details as possible on the job description that accurately describe the position.  Taking the time to clarify the job description verbally & in writing will save time in the long run.  Don’t miss this step–have EVERYONE involved in the decision-making process for the particular position sign off on it, including pharmacy director, HR, clinical pharmacy director, etc.

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