“Treat Yourself Well” Referral Gift

This year, we are offering special thank-you bonus gifts to you AND the pharmacist you refer who ends up getting placed in a full-time position through our pharmacist recruiting services.  We know how the economy has been tough on everyone & instead of offering you less, we want to offer you more.

Refer a pharmacist whom you think is a good hospital, home infusion, or IHS-experienced pharmacist, and who may or may not be thinking about making a job change right now.  Why?  It’s to your pharmacist friend’s benefit (and yours too) to have a pharmacist job market expert & recruiter to know about you, so that they can call you when they hear about an unadvertised position that may interest you.

Referral Bonus Theme:  “Treat Yourself Well”

For You:  1-hr deluxe massage or $100 restaurant gift card at your favorite restaurant
For the Pharmacist You Refer:  1-hr deluxe massage or $100 restaurant gift card at your favorite

You will not only help others by getting more pharmacists into jobs that are right for them, but also receive this extra thank you bonus gift so you can treat yourself well.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the form below with your referral (introduce us to your pharmacist friend/co-worker), OR
    tell your pharmacist friend about us & to mention your name when they call us at (206)219-3630
  2. Pharmacist gets placed now or down the road
  3. You get the thank-you referral bonus gift of your choice
    (you will get the referral bonus gift if the pharmacist you refer gets placed 1 yr down the road)
  4. You can do this as many times as you want this year

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