Pharmacy Plans Not Coming True?

Can you believe January is almost over? Do you ever make resolutions & forget them by the 3rd week? There’s nothing more frustrating than making the same resolutions over & over again, and not seeing them come true.

Tired of making plans for your pharmacy or department that don’t come true?

Here are the first 3 steps that most pharmacy directors or leaders overlook when creating a plan for the year. Doing these 3 steps BEFORE planning for action steps will juice up your vision & allow it to come true more naturally this year. It will not only inspire you, but your pharmacy staff also.

Download the simple worksheet here.

Write on one sheet the following:

1. Why you are doing what you are doing
Example: “I am a ________________ (ie, pharmacy director/contract specialist) because ____________(your “why”)
(I am a pharmacy manager because I want to run a pharmacy where patients are well-cared for & can count on us for getting the best mediation options they can get)

2. Your vision for your pharmacy/department by the end of the year.
Example: “We are helping # patients/mo by helping them quit smoking & breathe easier.”

3. Write down the things that worked well & didn’t work well last year. This is a great opportunity for you to reflect on all the things that went well & acknowledge yourself (and others) for. Then write down what you choose to maximize or minimize doing.

Maximize things that worked well, or contributed to your team getting along well with each other. Minimize things that didn’t support your vision. It can include habits like procrastinating, not keeping your word (however small), coming in late, or complaining. It’s small leaks in every individual (including yourself) that contribute to a bigger problem of things not working well in your pharmacy. You set an important example for your pharmacy with your actions, whether you realize the extent of it or not.

This 3-step process is very effective to write down, before you break your vision down into next action steps.

Fill out the worksheet this for yourself and ask your staff to do it also.

**Now don’t miss this final step (ok, so it’s actually 4 steps 🙂 ): Post this up on your wall. This is the key between you having trouble with reaching your vision, vs. it coming true faster.

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